Tikka Flat Trigger Shoe

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This is a presale - lead time is approximately 4 weeks. 

This is a drop in replacement for the factory trigger shoe in Tikka single stage trigger packs.  Perfect upgrade for people that prefer flat face triggers or simply want to try something different than a curved shoe!

When tested with the factory trigger spring, we got an average trigger pull of 1lb 3.5oz

When tested with the Anarchy Outdoors Tikka trigger spring we got an average trigger pull of 14oz!

We sell 3D printed punch blocks to aid in the installation, find them here: Trigger Punch Block

Already have a 3D printer?  Download the punch block STL file for free here: Punch Block STL File

 *We are working on a program for us to install these for you for a nominal fee, but we do not have that all worked out at this time.