About Rusty Nuts Designs


Jonathan, the founder of Rusty Nuts Designs (RND), earned a Bachelors Degree in Agricultural Engineering, with an emphasis in Machine Design, from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. 

He has always been an avid outdoorsman, with a special interest in hunting and shooting sports. He spent countless hours of his childhood in the field with his father and brother, from chasing rabbits to walking the Sandhills for Mule Deer or even getting up at 3 a.m. to get the boat on the lake for a duck hunt.

He has also been tinkering with things and designing/building things since he was little and is always interested in how things work.  He will spend hours doing research on something until he has a very good understanding of it and how it works.  

The melding of his two passions (the outdoors and engineering) has led to the start of Rusty Nuts Designs.

On top of starting Rusty Nuts Designs, Jonathan works full time as a Mechanical Engineer for an injection molding company in the product development group.
Rusty Nuts Designs will take on any project, big or small, so do not hesitate to contact us about your needs.