CNC Milling - We have a Doosan SVM4100 3 axis milling machine to do in house prototyping and production.  With a generous build volume and incredibly rigid and accurate machine we can produce a wide array of prototypes or small scale production runs to fit your needs.  

3D printing - We have multiple FDM style 3D printers, capable of handling nearly any of your prototyping or low volume production needs.  Our largest has a build volume of nearly 1 cubic foot. 

3D printing can be a very economical way to roll out new products before getting heavily invested in tooling or other forms of manufacturing.  We have many years of experience in this area so don't hesitate to reach out to us!

2D and 3D CAD - We use Fusion 360 for all of our CAD.  Whether you need a 3D model of your design, a 2D drawing, or a formal drawing for your part, we can handle it for you!  

CAM - We also use Fusion 360 for all of our CAM programming.  We are capable of 3 axis programming for CNC machines.